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We are one of the first 100% African Demolition Contractor in South Africa specializing in all aspects of demolition, in home, industrial, Mining & Commercial Demolisher, land Rehabilitation Specialists, Power plant Dismantling , superior Mine & quarry demolitions - affordable incinerator, boiler & furnace removal companies . Our team of professional and expert Remediation experts will provide Decommissioning, Salvage & Stripping as well. We Service all Provinces from Cape to Cairo and surrounding regions.

With an international reputation for, Quality, Innovation, Health and Safety, the business has built up its reputation on repeat business and strong business relationships operating across a broad range of sectors.
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South African Demolition Company

Cutting-edge demolition equipment, handling projects of all scales and complexity levels, with a fleet of efficient machines, well trained staffs, we love to complete the job in the quickest time & within the budget.Reused buildings are becoming more prevalent in urban areas.
As a result, many of them are in danger of collapsing.Our in-house experts can help plan and execute controlled Demolitions in dense urban areas. They will also handle all the planning and execution of the demolitions themselves.High reach demolition from the ground is a risky task that every demolition company has to face. With our specialized high reach demolition equipment, we can safely and effectively remove tall structures without exposing our workers to this risk.
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We demolish it all.

The best local demolishing company in your area.

Demolition – Home
Demolition – Pool
Demolition – Garage
Demolition – Barn
Demolition – Building
Demolition – Chimney or Fireplace
Demolition – Commercial or Office
Demolition – Furnace
Demolition – Bridge
Demolition – Concrete
Demolition – Decommissioning
Demolition – Rehabilitation
Demolition – Power Plant
Demolition – Incinerator
Demolition- Stacks
Demolition-Commercial Buildings
Demolition-Railway Infrastructure
Demolition-Military Infrastructure
Demolition- Roller
Demolition- Water Tanker
Demolition- Dump Truck
Demolition -Asbestos


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Demolition- ADT
Demolition- Truck
Demolition- Rigid Dump Truck
Demolition- Front End Loader
Demolition -TLB
Demolition- Earthworks
Demolition- Civil
Demolition -Busting
Demolition- Chemical
Demolition -Chemical Blasting
Demolition- Rock Breaking
Demolition- Concert Breaking
Demolition- Asbestos Removal
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Demolition projects are complicated and often associated with risks. We are committed to excellence by using premium craftsmanship.


As a demolition contractor, we know the process for completing the task without any annoyance. We are certified and make well-informed decisions.

Dependent team of professionals

Our staff members have remarkable skills and will ensure satisfactory results. Our years of experience help us accomplish complicated tasks with ease.

We employ appropriate machines

Our team is well informed and uses the latest techniques and technologies. So, we know what will work and what will not.

Guaranteed results

We ask no question, nor need you to stress out. All our projects are 100% backed by us. In case of a mistake, we make the corrections.


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