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‘Highly Qualified Team of Experts Decades of Experience in the Demolishing industry, destroying old structures is just as important as building new ones. Superior Demolition Services tears down anything from high-rise apartment mines, quarries buildings to bridges or factories. Building Demolition Service includes blasting, which is the use of explosives, and wrecking with the use of machinery and equipment. Operating engineers, Skilled & Experienced Employees also called heavy equipment operators, and hand laborers usually for wrecking buy hand. Highly qualified team of experts Africa Demolition Contractor also works for general contractors helping to demolish roads, bridges, and dams. Your no 1 specialist demolition contractor South Africa’

A Workforce Trained To The Highest Standard

All Africa Demolition Contractor employees conduct their work in a professional and efficient manner so our clients receive the best service and value for money. We have earned our reputation in the highly competitive construction and demolition industry by delivering first class projects.

We recognize that employees who are given effective training opportunities are more satisfied with their jobs. Our workforce is trained to the highest standard and we continue to invest to further develop our employees’ capabilities. Africa Demolition Contractor ensures that all personnel have the necessary qualifications.

Our team of qualified experts have a wealth of experience in civil construction and landscaping projects, from residential gardens to parks, playgrounds, car parks and access roads. We work with universities, councils, hospitals, estates, government departments and property developers in South Africa to create safe and functional environments for the local community.

Health And Safety Team Identifying Potential Hazards

Manholes pose a great risk for Zama-Zama’s to fall in, while being chased by security.
Our workforce too, do not feel safe to have open manholes around the site.
As a result of this site walkabout, all open manholes have been identified, corrective measures were implemented immediately.
Supervisory team, we thank you for this commitment to the Health and Safety of the employees and or unauthorised people getting injured on our site while hunting for recyclable material.

We provide a site-specific health and safety plan for each project we work on and ensure both our team and clients understand and follow it. We also have a full-time in-house environmental, health and safety team that actively communicates with the crews at our job sites. They work with the directors, the management team and the site crews to ensure the safety program is current, relevant and successful.

Health & Safety

We Don’t Just Talk About Safety, We Live It Each Day On Every One Of Our Sites. Safety Is Our Culture. It’s Part Of Who We Are And How We Do Business.

These Are Our Beliefs, Responsibilities & Commitment:

  • We believe that every injury is preventable.
  • We are responsible for providing a safe workplace. This is done by effectively managing workplace risk, and promoting a culture of taking responsibility for each other’s safety.
  • We are committed to providing leadership and effective resources for managing health and safety to ensure knowledge, ability and understanding to safely perform duties.


We expect all employees to be leaders in health and safety and to work together to promote the safety culture. Through identification, documentation and communication of hazards, followed by the elimination or the control of high-potential risk, we all share in the responsibility for our safety and that of our co-workers.
Working together, we believe we can eliminate injuries in the workplace.


We strive for constant advancement and hold ourselves accountable through verification and reporting of our performance. We promote best practice across all areas of our business and operations, and continue to review our procedures and implementation.

Regular discussions reveal any areas that require improvement, including new and emerging customer needs. Should enhancements be identified, these are integrated into our processes and systems, ensuring continual business development, thus enabling us to remain at the forefront of our industry.
We provide all our employees the appropriate training and equipment required for a project including how to perform their jobs safely in accordance with legislative requirements and our Safe Work Procedures / Practices.

Together, all employees are involved in developing, implementing and maintaining the safety and accident prevention program. This is an integral part of the Internal Responsibility System that has been adopted.
A Site-Specific Health & Safety Plan is prepared for each project and is then communicated to the onsite team and our clients.

With an expert team and equipment we are servicing all across Johannesburg & Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. Our team of highly skilled professionals will undertake all your residential, commercial & industrial demolition contracts.

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