Risk Management

Africa Demolition Contractor Pty Ltd strives to manage risk effectively in order to protect the Company’s assets, stakeholders, environment and reputation and to ensure achievement of the business objectives. The aim is to achieve a fuller understanding of the reward/risk balance and seek to reduce the likelihood and consequences of adverse effects to acceptable levels. To achieve continual improvement in our management of risk we endeavor to engage appropriately, thereby enhancing the degree of certainty in achieving our objectives.

In pursuing these objectives, Africa Demolition Contractor Pty Ltd endeavor to:

  • Implement a comprehensive and systematic risk assessment and reporting process across the Company
  • Create an environment that controls and mitigates risks within the accepted Africa Demolition Contractor Pty Ltd risk tolerance
  • Integrate the outputs of specialist risk functions to provide an informed view of the risks associated with our business activities
  • Heighten risk management awareness in our business processes, with an emphasis on risk management instilled in all associated stakeholders
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement in risk management through audit and review processes, and
  • Create an appropriate risk financing program based on the risk profiles developed in the assessment process.

Work We Have Done…

Africa Demolition Contractor Pty Ltd sticks develop, implement and maintain sound risk management practices and systems that are consistent with international best practice and that address these objectives:

  • Identify, assess and manage risks in an effective and efficient manner
  • Make decisions based on a comprehensive view of the reward to risk balance
  • Provide greater certainty on the delivery of objectives, and
  • Satisfy our corporate governance requirements.
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Tina Luboya #lyaProperties
Tina Luboya #lyaProperties
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Theo Mula
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hulani masia
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PNA Campus Square
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