Rock Demolition

Rock & Concrete Crusher

Africa, demolition of buildings often poses a great challenge because part of the structure must remain intact. By using standard carriers or a rock and Concrete Crusher, you can master these challenges with flying colors.

Africa Demolition Contractor has options when a relatively large amount of tough, reinforced concrete has to be smashed in basement enclosures with limited access and stretch?

And, in the shortest possible time? With the sensational power to weight ratio, Crushers are the number one situation solver whenever there is small space available at the destruction site or cannot use helpful tools. Still, a lot of power is required.

Details About Rock Demolition

Rock Splitting

  • Restricted sensitive Africa demolition contractor rock and concrete breaking and Explosive Blasting of Rock.
  • Africa demolition contractor Bulk and Trench Blasting, Quarry Blasting.
  • Non-Explosive Africa demolition contractor Rock Breaking, Chemical Blasting/breaking, Concrete pile Trimming, Electrical and Plumbing    Trenches, Pyrotechnic Blasting RBC’S.
  • Africa demolition contractor Resizing Oversized Boulders in Quarries.
  • Africa demolition contractor Rock Breaking for Pipe Jacking.

Explosive Blasting

Explosives control drilling, blasting, and other gas pressure blasting pyrotechnics to break rock excavated.

It is often practiced in mining, quarrying, and civil engineering such as dam, tunnel, or road construction. The result of rock blasting is often known as a rock-cut.

  • Bulk Blasting (Hand or Rig Drilling)
  • Sewer Trenches
  • Water Trenches
  • Electrical Trenches
  • Dams
  • Roads

Chemical for Rock & Concrete Breaking

Rock Breaking Chemical is an expansive powder used in dimension stone or quarrying industry, oversized boulders.

  • The chemical is also used to break concrete and reinforced concrete blocks, slabs, beams, and other structures.
  •  It is an environmentally friendly product that produces NO vibration, NO noise, NO toxic gases, NO fly rock, and NO residue. It is entirely harmless and eco-friendly.
  • The specific chemical does not leave debris or dust. Neither does it form gas or cause any shock waves; unlike explosives, no permit is required to use rock-breaking chemicals.
  •  Rock breaking chemicals maximize production time and product output while avoiding waste of valuable stone in the mining and quarrying and civil industries. Unskilled laborers can be very easily trained to use the rock-breaking chemical in a short time.