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Demolition is the dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking of any building or structure or any part thereof.

Industrial demolition consists both of the dismantling of the structure and the responsible disposal of the waste generated thereof.

At Africa Demolition Contractor, we offer professional steel demolition services for structures, buildings, and plants in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Permanently ending the mining and mineral processing operations and removing all the equipment and facilities that are not destined to remain in place for future use.

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Africa's Demolition Specialist

Cutting-edge demolition equipment, handling projects of all scales and complexity levels, with a fleet of efficient machines, well trained staffs, we love to complete the job in the quickest time & within the budget. Reused buildings are becoming more prevalent in urban areas.
As a result, many of them are in danger of collapsing. Our in-house experts can help plan and execute controlled Demolitions in dense urban areas. They will also handle all the planning and execution of the demolitions themselves. High reach demolition from the ground is a risky task that every demolition company has to face. With our specialized high reach demolition equipment we can safely and effectively remove tall structures without exposing our workers to this risk.

Trained And Qualified Staff

Our fully trained and qualified demolition operatives have performed countless dismantling and demolition tasks and have a wealth of experience built up over years of safe demolition practice.

Safety ,Health and Environment forms the main criteria of all projects we undertake. We enhance our commitment to further develop the training paths of all our staff, either by way of in house training or disciplines that are delivered by our industry associates.

The best local demolishing company in your area

We Demolish It All.

 – Home

– Pool

– Garage

– Barn

– Building

– Chimney or Fireplace

– Commercial or Office

– Furnace

– Bridge

– Concrete

– Decommissioning

– Rehabilitation

– Power Plant

– Mine

– Quarries

– Stacks

– Roads

– Infrastructure

– Commercial Buildings

– Aeroplanes

– Railway Infrastructure

– Ports

– Ships

– Steel

– Marine

– Military Infrastructure

– Boilers

– Silos

– Crushing

– Screening

– Excavator

– Grader

– Roller

– Water Tanker

– Dump Truck

– Asbestos


– Truck

– Rigid Dump Truck

– Front End Loader


– Earthworks

– Civil

– Busting

– Chemical

– Blasting

– Chemical Blasting

– Rock Breaking

– Concert Breaking

– Asbestos Removal

With an expert team and equipment we are servicing all across Johannesburg & Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. Our team of highly skilled professionals will undertake all your residential, commercial & industrial demolition contracts.

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